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  • Armeria maritima 'Alba' Seeds Sea Thrift or Sea Pink
  • Armeria maritima 'Alba' Seeds Sea Thrift or Sea Pink
  • Armeria maritima 'Alba' Seeds Sea Thrift or Sea Pink
  • Armeria maritima 'Alba' Seeds Sea Thrift or Sea Pink
  • Armeria maritima Sea Pink or Sea Thrift USDA Nativity Map

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Armeria maritima 'Alba' Seeds Sea Thrift or Sea Pink

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Pkt 40 Seeds

Product Description

Armeria known as Sea Pink or Sea Thrift has cute dark pink papery round ping-pong ball size flowers atop 6-8” stems that each last on the plant for an easy month. Adorable in small mini vases these are very long lasting cut flowers and super easy to dry for everlasting dried flowers. A neat and tidy small mounding plant for path edging, rock gardens, containers, low water habitat gardens and seaside landscapes. It is native to the coastline so it does best in dry light soil in a sunny location with not too much water and is extremely tolerant of poor, sandy, dry, high salt and windy conditions. A long lived perennial evergreen mound of grass like foliage 6-12" by 12" stays looking nice and neat with very little effort. Many beneficial insects and butterflies appreciate the nectar. As with many natives the seed can be slow and erratic to germinate so be patient and don’t throw the pots out too soon.

Pkt: 40 Seeds **55% Germ Rate 60 Seeds will be provided in the package for this lot

Botanical Name: Armeria maritima 'Alba'

Common Name: Sea Pink, Sea Thrift or Common Thrift

Type: Perennial Z3-9     FYF: First Year Flowering

Color: White

Height: 6-12" Spread: 12"

Light: Sun

Water: Low Xeric - Moderate *more water requires increased drainage can add gravel to planting soil for a garden location receiving regular to moderate watering to promote plant health and longevity

Soil: Well-drained, Prefers poor, sandy soil does not need fertilizer

Flowering: Late Spring - Summer

Germination: 7-14 up to 28+ days 60-70F can be erratic and slow soaking in warm water 6hrs prior to sowing may help increase germination, light may benefit germination do not cover heavily

Sow Outdoors: Fall - spring sow in pots or garden on raked weed-free damp soil, cover lightly with grit, sand or vermiculite, keep damp not too wet until established then grow drier

Sow Indoors: Spring surface sow press onto damp seed starting mix, lightly sprinkle with grit or vermiculite, keep moist not too wet and soggy, 60-70F, be patient can take up to 4+ weeks



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