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  • California Poppy 'Orange King' Eschscholzia californica
  • California Poppy 'Orange King' Eschscholzia californica

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California Poppy 'Orange King' Seeds Eschscholzia californica

Pkt 150 Seeds

Product Description

'Orange King' California poppy has large brilliant orange flowers with a slightly lighter reverse that creates a dazzling shimmery effect in the breeze. California poppies are a vision to behold in the spring turning California hillsides golden orange. Easily enjoy a bright spring splash of color in your own yard by thinly casting seeds mixed with sand in drifts. Removing weeds first and keeping them down will greatly improve the results. Can be grown xerically with no extra water but will bloom throughout the summer with a little water and shearing after the first flush of flowers. Will grow in a wide range of soils but happiest in well-drained situations such as along paths, between stones or in gravel. Easy to start by sowing where they are to grow in fall in mild climates, mid spring when there is only a chance of light frost as a hard frost can kill the baby plants or after all frost on raked, weed-free, damp soil. Scatter seeds thinly (mixing with dry sand makes this easier), make good seed dirt contact by walking directly on the seeded area, using a roller or just lightly watering them in being sure not to wash away the small seeds. Keep area moist not waterlogged until germinated and growing strong then they can be grown dry or with light watering. Might need to cover with row cover or lightly scatter grit to deter birds and critters from eating all the seeds. Alternatively they can be started indoors but be aware they do not like their roots disturbed so it is easiest to use plantable pots. Taprooted plants are usually tough and drought tolerant but they do not like to be transplanted so if you start them in pots plant them out before they get too big. CA Poppies are often found growing with lupinesachilleaclarkia, clovers and lasthenia (gold fields).

Pkt: 150 Seeds 

Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica 'Orange King'

Common Name: California Poppy

Type: Annual or Zone 9-10 Short Lived Perennial

Color: Orange

Height: 12-14"     Spread: 12"

Light: Sun

Water: Low Xeric to Moderate

Soil: Wide Range but Well-drained best

Flowering: Spring into Summer but much longer with some summer water and shearing after first bloom 

Germination: 7-20 days 60-78F depends on temperature and moisture

Sow Outdoors: Direct sow in fall for mild winter areas, spring when only a chance of light frost or after on raked weed-free damp soil, assure good seed soil contact, keep moist not waterlogged, may need covering use remay (row cover) or grit to keep birds and critters from eating all the seeds

Sow Indoors: Plantable pots reduce root disturbance as well as planting out when small, press seeds onto seed starting mix, cover lightly, keep moist not soggy, 65-75F


USDA Plant Guide: http://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_esca2.pdf

Forest Service Plant of the Week: http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/plant-of-the-week/eschscholzia_californica.shtml




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