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  • Clarkia concinna 'Pink Ribbons' aka Red Ribbons
  • Clarkia concinna 'Pink Ribbons' aka Red Ribbons USDA Nativety Map

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Clarkia concinna 'Pink Ribbons' Seeds

Pkt 50 Seeds

Product Description

Clarkia 'Pink Ribbons' is an easy to grow hummingbird magnet that is a wonderful selection of our California native known by their common name of red ribbons. This low water, low maintenance plant is lovely even when it's not in bloom with red tinged stems, glossy green foliage and a somewhat airy habit. The finely cut 4 petaled flowers look like pink butterflies fluttering in the breeze and are a staple in native and habitat gardens for pollinators. A slightly sprawling bushy habit about 1ft high is the perfect under story plant for larger shrubs. Happiest with bright filtered or dappled shade in sandy or well drained lean soil. Like many California natives it most likely does not need fertilizer and too rich of soil can result in over abundant foliage growth causing floppiness and less flowering. Flowering slows in hot summer areas.

Pkt: 50 Seeds 

Botanical Name: Clarkia concinna 'Pink Ribbons' 

Common Name: California Red Ribbons

Type: Annual     Color: Pink

Height: 10-12"     Habit: Sprawling 20-24"

Light: Sun Coast/Cooler - Part or PM Shade Hotter Regions

Water: Low - Moderate

Soil: Wide Range best well-drained

Flowering: Spring into Summer flowering decreases with higher summer temps 

Germination: 7-21 days 65-70F Light may benefit germination do not cover heavily

Sow Outdoors: Recommended direct sow where they are to grow, fall mild winter areas or spring colder regions on raked weed-free damp soil, lightly sprinkle with mix & grit or vermiculite as light may aid germination, be sure to keep moist but not too wet until well established then can grow drier

Sow Indoors: Plantable pots reduce root disturbance, spring surface sow making good seed/soil contact, sprinkle lightly with grit/vermiculite as light may aid germination, keep moist not too wet, 65-70F, harden-off before planting out




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