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Welcome to Sunshine Flower Seeds!

Come on in, fall in love with flowers and enjoy our unique selection of cottage garden classics, cut flowers, water wise, open-pollinated and California native flower seeds. Starting flowers from seed is not only a more sustainable but also a much more economical way to bring beauty and life to your yard, balcony or garden. 

No matter the size of your planting area we will have something that is just right for you with many varieties that are container friendly and lots more that will help transform your yard into habitat. We make it easy for you to find what you need with the Flowers by Features menu where you can choose varieties by flower color, bloom season, height or drought tolerance. California is our home so we offer many California natives, desert jewels, coastal selections and drought tolerant choices. The serious drought conditions requires us to reduce our water usage. I believe we can do that beautifully while still enjoying a vibrant landscape and providing habitat, food and water for the wildlife that live in our yards. Please take a look at the current drought information and then think about how you too can make a difference with your landscaping choices. 

Starting from seed allows you to choose what goes into your plants instead of purchasing plants from commercial greenhouse growers that have been sprayed with PGR's growth regulators and drenched with systemic pesticides. Many of these chemicals are being investigated for contributing to honeybee colony collapse disorder and native pollinator population declines as it is thought that they are expressed in the pollen and weaken the bees immune system making it more susceptible to disease and infections. Also your plants will already be climatized to the environment where they will be planted and not trucked in wasting fuel. 

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