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Drought Information


Monitoring & Resource List for Drought Information

Drought is real and it is costing all of us. Not having enough water is scary and it is a reality right here right now in this country. Yes, I realize many peoples around the world lack access to clean water but we have lots of people here in this country that are unaware of the water shortages we are currently facing in own agricultural fields and communities. Pure clean water is becoming harder and harder to come by for some us right here in this country. This is a reality that everyone needs to know and think about because a high percentage of our food is grown in areas that are suffering drought conditions so even if you don't live in these areas you will be affected by higher prices at the grocery store. Let's start addressing an area where a few changes can have a big effect on our household water consumption our landscapes. Click the link to visit our Low Water Landscaping page on this website. Knowledge is power! 

Drought Information Resources 

California Water Info: http://www.water.ca.gov/waterconditions/drought/

US Water Info: http://drought.gov/drought/



The new publication “Planning and Drought” offers a comprehensive guide for citizens, planners and communities to explore what drought is, how to track it, its impacts, and how planners and communities can prepare to mitigate its effects. The volume includes eight case studies illustrating the range of drought’s consequences and how different organizations prepared for and responded to them.http://drought.gov/media/pgfiles/PAS574.pdf

















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