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  • Gilia capitata Blue Thimble Flower
  • Gilia capitata Blue Thimble Flower

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Gilia capitata Seeds Blue Thimble Flower

Pkt 250+ Seeds

Product Description

Blue Thimble Flower has striking blue flowers but it is the intriguing bright blue pollen that draws people in for a closer look. Very entertaining watching bees gathering blue pollen. Low input with maximum output makes this an excellent garden choice with pretty green ferny foliage, months of purple-blue flowers, attracts pollinators, butterflies, multi-branching stems for cut flowers, low water, no fertilizer. Out standing mixed with California Poppies such as White Linen, Purple Gleam or Orange King depending on your color preferences. Gilia capitata is a neat multi-branching California native annual found through out the Western US that turns large patches of the foothills blue in Spring. California wildflowers are appreciated by many pollinators and enchanting mixed with almost anything in a border that you can dream up like Gilia capitata with Nemophila Five-spot, any of the Clarkias in pinks and purples &/or bright yellow Layia Tidy Tips. Now is the perfect time to try them! Flowers are somewhat variable ranging from pale to deep blue-violet which creates a lovely effect in drifts and as cut flowers. Easily adaptable to many gardens as it tolerates a wide range of soil and water conditions from poor dry, rocky, clay, low water to better garden soil and regular water. Self seeds where happy.

Pkt: 250+ Seeds 

Botanical Name: Gilia capitata 

Common Name: Blue Thimble Flower, Globe Gilia, Blue Field Gilia

Type: Annual *Self-seeds   

Color: Light Blue to Dark Purple-blue *Variable 

Height: 12-24"  *Variable with conditions

Light: Full Sun 

Water: Low to Moderate

Soil: Wide Range best well drained but tolerates poor, dry, rocky soil & clay

Flowering: Spring - Summer *Flowering will be longer with deadheading and some water

Germination: 7-21 days at 62-75ºF 

Sow Indoors: Early spring press onto moist seed starting mix making good seed soil contact and sprinkle very lightly with mix & grit/vermiculite, keep moist not soggy, 62-75F, harden off and plant out when small

Sow Outdoors: Fall in mild winter ares or spring direct sow onto raked weed-free damp soil, sprinkle very lightly with soil & grit/vermiculite/sand, keep moist not soggy until established then can grow drier





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