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  • Limnanthes douglassi Meadow Foam or Poached Egg Flower
  • Limnanthes douglassi Meadow Foam or Poached Egg Flower
  • Limnanthes douglassi Meadow Foam or Poached Egg Flower
  • Limnanthes douglassi Meadow Foam USDA Nativity Map

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Limnanthes douglasii Meadow Foam Seeds or Poached Egg Flower

Pkt 40 Seeds

Product Description

Meadow Foam or Poached Egg Flower is an irresistibly bright and cheery lightly scented California native with cute cup-shaped yellow flowers tipped in white. The light green feathery foliage reminds me of spring time freshness. Easy to grow, long blooming from spring into summer, bright foliage and attracts lots of bees & butterflies. Used as a companion plant to attract beneficial insects too especially hoverflies. Perfect planted around bird baths or a fountain where washing and splashing will provide extra moisture. Protect from slugs and snails. To enjoy the longest season of flowering and a naturalized look plant in small drifts successively sowing a few times from early spring to early summer and again early fall. Often self sows where conditions approximate it's California home of damp spots, springs, seasonal pools and creek edges from the valley floor into the foothills. 

Pkt: 40 Seeds 

Botanical Name: Limnanthes douglasii

Common Name: Meadow Foam or Poached Egg Plant

Type: Annual  *Self sows

Color: Yellow & White Bicolor

Height: 6-12"     Spread: 18-24+"

Light: Sun Coast - Part Shade Inland in hotter regions

Water: Moderate - Moist

Soil: Wide Range 

Flowering: Spring - Summer 

Germination: 14-21 days at 58-70F 

Sow Indoors: Early spring press into moist seed starting mix 1/8", cover lightly, keep moist not soggy, 58-70F

Sow Outdoors: Later spring direct sow on raked weed-free damp soil or fall where winters mild or with winter protection, cover lightly, keep moist during germination, protect from slugs & snails

Reference: USDA Plant Profile http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=LIDO2







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