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Linum lewisii Blue Flax Seeds

Pkt 100 Seeds

Product Description

Sky-blue flowers and the wispy beautiful habit of this drought tolerant perennial native will steal your heart every when it blooms each spring. Blooming is extended well into summer and the overall appearance is also improved with a little showering of water now and then but it can also be grown xerically with no summer water. Native from Alaska to Baja California and the plains occurring in dry grasslands, foothills and on open rocky areas throughout the west including California. It is easy from seed and adapts really well to regular garden conditions but with regular water and fertile soil it will be more robust and can reseed zealously causing overly abundant growth for small spaces. Lean, poor (low nutrient), dry soil is best for beautiful low maintenance growth. A beautiful habit with long thin leaves and taller flower stems provides nice fine airy height and cottage garden appeal. Great choice for direct sowing. 

Pkt: 100 Seeds 

Botanical Name: Linum lewisii

Common: Lewis Flax, Blue Flax

Type: Perennial Short-lived Z5-10      

FYF: First Year Flowering  

Color: Blue

Height: 12-30"     Spread: 12-18"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Dry - Low Xeric - Moderate **Drought & Heat Tolerant

Soil: Wide Range, Best on lean low nutrient dry soil, clay tolerant, rich soil may cause overly robust growth especially in small spaces 

Flowering: Spring into Summer

Germination: 7-14 days at 65-70F

Sow Outdoors: Best direct sown in garden where it is to grow in fall for mild winters or spring in colder regions, sow on raked weed-free damp soil, lightly cover 1/8" with soil & grit or sand, keep moist not waterlogged until established, might need row cover to keep birds and critters from eating the seeds

Sow Indoors: Spring, Plantable pots reduce root disturbance and/or planting out when small will improve transplant success, press seeds onto seed starting mix, cover lightly 1/8" with mix & grit or vermiculite, keep moist not soggy at 65-70F

USDA Plant Guide has detailed discription, history of uses, wildlife and forage value: http://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_lipe2.pdf



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