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  • Madia elegans Elegant or Common Madia Tarweed
  • Madia elegans Elegant or Common Madia Tarweed
  • Madia elegans Elegant or Common Madia Tarweed
  • Madia elegans USDA Nativity Map: http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=MAEL
  • Madia elegans Elegant or Common Madia Tarweed

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Madia elegans Seeds

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Product Description

Madia elegans is a California native with happy bright yellow flowers often with a inter maroon ring. A striking low water and attracts pollinators it's time to start enjoying our native wildflowers in our gardens. Good mid-height and smells of tropical fruit. If you have never had these in your garden now is the time to try them! Easily adaptable to many garden conditions and mixes well with many styles from garden border to habitat, wild and meadow gardens. Very drought and heat tolerant and can be grown dry with no additional summer water after well established but will have improved bloom and appearance with a little summer water. Self seeds where happy and the seeds are utilized by birds and small mammals. Often found growing with Achillea millefolium, California poppies, Linum lewisii, Layia Tidy Tips & Asclepias Milkweed.

Pkt: 50 Seeds 

Botanical Name: Madia elegans 

Common Name: Elegant Tarweed

Type: Annual *Self-seeds   

Color: Yellow with Maroon Ring 

Height: 24-40"+ *Variable depending on conditions

Light: Sun 

Water: Xeric Low - Moderate *No additional water needed after well established

Soil: Wide Range clay tolerant

Flowering: Summer - Fall 

Germination: 7-21 days at 60-75ºF 

Sow Indoors: Early spring press onto moist seed starting mix, sprinkle lightly with grit/vermiculte & mix, keep moist not soggy, 60-70F

Sow Outdoors: Later spring direct sow onto raked weed-free damp soil, sprinkle lightly with grit/sand & soil, keep moist not soggy until established then can grow drier

More indepth info USDA NCRC:  https://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/cs_mael.pdf




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