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  • Papaver orientale 'Fruit Punch' Oriental Poppy

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Papaver orientale 'Fruit Punch' Oriental Poppy Seeds

Pkt 50 Seeds

Product Description

Oriental poppy 'Fruit Punch' produces brilliantly colored ruffled 5" bright blooms in hot pink, orange, plum, red with dark centers. The colors really work well together and look like sparkling jewels out in the garden. This variety has good weather resistance only growing up to about 24" with strong stalks that don't topple over in the wind and rain as easily as taller plants. Good drought tolerance once established. Either trim the foliage off when it dies back in the summer or leave it to mulch in and have some other summer flowers for cover until the new growth springs up in fall. Grows in a wide range of soils but very rich highly fertile garden conditions may cause abundant foliage growth with less flowering. These perennial poppies can be a very long-lived addition to your garden but good drainage is a must as they are prone to rot in persistently soggy conditions. Add sand or gravel to the planting soil as needed to improve drainage. If you keep up with cutting the first round of flowers it is possible to get a second flush. Recommended to direct sow where they are to grow due to their taproot and disturbance sensitivity. If you’re starting indoors plantable pots can reduce root disturbance &/or planting out when small. Transplanting volunteers from one spot to another in the garden can be done when the plants are small with only a couple of true leaves and if you get a deep enough chunk of soil to get the whole taproot. Attempt to move established plants only when dormant.  

Pkt: 50 Seeds 

Botanical Name: Papaver orientale 'Fruit Punch'

Common Name: Oriental Poppy

Type: Perennial     Color: Mix Hot Pink, Orange, Plum & Red

Height: 24"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Low to Moderate Do Not Overwater

Soil: Wide Range Well-drained best for longevity add grit or gravel to planting soil if needed 

Flowering: Late Spring-Early Summer

Germination: 7-21 days 58-68F Light aids germination do not cover heavily

Sow Outdoors: Best direct sown fall - early spring, can be mixed with dry sand to help avoid sowing too thickly, direct sow on the surface of raked weed-free damp soil, make good seed/soil contact, sprinkle very lightly with grit or vermiculite as light aids germination, keep moist not too wet

Sow Indoors: Helpful: Plantable pots reduce root disturbance and prechilling for 2 weeks prior to sowing may improve germination, surface sow pressing lightly onto damp seed starting mix for good contact, sprinkle very lightly with grit or vermiculite as light aids germination, keep moist not too wet, 58-68F optimum 60-65F, be sure to plant out while small

Note: Plants go dormant in summer heat except in the most mild summer areas



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