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  • Penstemon palmeri Palmers Penstemon or Beardtongue, wild Snapdragon

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Penstemon palmeri Seeds Palmers Penstemon Beardtongue, Wild Pink Snapdragon

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This stately beauty with large deliciously scented flowers and nice succulent folisage is native to the southwest from Arizona up into Idaho including the California desert so clearly it is built for dry sunny conditions. Also they are an important nectar source for hummingbirds and native bees and make a great addition to wildlife and native gardens. The large fragrant soft pink flowers from late Spring thru mid Summer appear on multiple tall strong stems 24-48" arising from semi-evergreen 12" x 12" basal rosette foliage. The key to growing this plant is well-drained soil so if you have heavy soil such as clay be sure to add sand and some gravel to lighten the soil when planting. This is a drought tolerant desert plant so once it is established just give a couple shots of water during the summer to simulate desert summer monsoon rains. Beautiful, low water, low maintenance, habitat plant! 

Pkt: 100+ Seeds 

Botanical Name: Penstemon palmeri

Common Name: Wild Pink Snapdragon, Palmer's Penstemon, Palmer's Beardtongue, Scented Penstemon, Balloon Flower

Type: Perennial Z4    Color: Pink *Variable 

Height: 12" basal rosette foliage 24-48" flower spikes *Variable depends on conditions     Spread: 12-18" basal rosette 

Light: Full Sun Heat Tolerant

Water: Low Xeric to Summer Dry No Water *Very drought tolerant once established

Soil: Well-drained, prefers sandy or gravelly soil, poor dry soil ok, clay tolerant add sand or gravel to planting soil, *note highly fertile garden conditions can lead to shortened life especially if overwatered

Flowering: Late Spring - Summer likely 

Germination: 10-30+ days 60-70F Sometimes can be slow and erratic, light may aid germination do not cover too heavily **Helpful but not always needed cold moist stratification of 8 weeks may increase germination rate refrigerate seed mixed with damp media such as sand, seed starting mix, peat or place in a damp paper towel in a baggie Do Not discard pots too soon may sprout in second year 

Sow Indoors: Cold pretreatment may improve germ rate see above, surface sow press onto moist seed starting mix, sprinkle lightly with grit or vermiculite as light may aid germination, keep moist not soggy, 60-70F, harden-off and protect small plants from hard freezes

Sow Outdoors: Late fall or early spring direct surface sow in the garden on weed-free raked damp soil or in pots placed outside exposed for at least 6 weeks of cold 30-40F night temps which may improve germ rate or sow mid spring, keep moist not soggy until established then grow drier


Resource: USDA Plant Guide http://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_pepa8.pdf






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