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  • Phacelia campanularia California Blue Bells Desert Blue Bells

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Phacelia campanularia Seeds California Bluebells Desert Bluebells

Pkt 250+ Seeds

Product Description

Gorgeous brilliant royal blue bell-shaped flowers are set off by red tinged stems and red outlined scalloped shaped leaves. This hardy annual is native to the western United States looks so delicate with it's interesting leaves that resemble an African violet but it really is a tough drought tolerant desert jewel. Needs well-drained soils and full sun it can reach two feet in height but usually around 12-18". Lovely planted in drifts large or small and is an excellent for native, wildlife or xeric gardens. Note some people experience contact dermatitis with this plant and the Phacelia family in general due to their covering of small hairs so consider protecting skin with long sleeves and gloves is recommended when working with any Phacelia to be on the safe side. Easy from direct sown seed and fast to bloom in as little as 8-10 weeks. 

Pkt: 250+ Seeds

Botanical Name: Phacelia campanularia

Common Name: California Bluebells or Desert Bluebells or Desert Canterbury Bells

Type: Annual    

Color: Blue

Height: 12-24"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Low to Xeric

Soil: Well-drained sandy or gravelly tolerates dry, poor soil well

Flowering: Spring into Summer

Germination: 7- 21 days 60-70F or 2-4 weeks at 55 - 60F 

Sow Outdoors: Best for direct sowing where they are to grow to reduce root distrubance, fall thru early summer press onto raked weed-free damp soil making good contact, sprinkle lightly with soil and grit/sand as light may aid germ, keep moist not too wet

Sow Indoors: Plantable pots reduce root disturbance as well as planting out when small, early spring press onto damp seed starting mix, sprinkle lightly with grit/vermiculite as light may aid germ, keep moist not wet, 60-70F, harden-off before planting out 

Warning: Plant hairs may cause dermatitis in some people protect skin with gloves & long sleeves



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