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  • Tanacetum niveum 'Jackpot' aka Million Blooms Seeds White Bouquet Tansy, Silver Tansy
  • Tanacetum niveum 'Jackpot' aka Million Blooms Seeds White Bouquet Tansy, Silver Tansy

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Tanacetum niveum 'Jackpot' aka Million Blooms Seeds White Tansy

Pkt 150 Seeds

Product Description

If you want lots of blooms over a long period then this tansy is for you. Cute low water, drought tolerant, low maintenance, long bloom season silvery plants look great with everything. Oh yeah think of the adorable bouquets and mason jar arrangements you could make. It will likely self-sow around a little and come up here and there making the perfect unplanned fun combinations. Plus you get the medicinal qualities that make tansy important as well. Nice citrusy fragrant foliage. Aka Million Blooms tansy.

Pkt: 150 Seeds 

Botanical Name:  Tanacetum niveum 'Jackpot' aka Million Blooms

Synonyms:  Chrysanthemum niveum

Common Name: White Tansy, Feverfew 

Type: Perennial Z5+ Short-lived Self-sows    

FYF: First Year Flowering

Flower Color: White with Yellow Centers

Foliage Color: Silvery Green

Height: 20-24" Spread: 24-30"

Light: Sun - Part Bright Shade *Heat & Drought Tolerant

Water: Very Low - Moderate *Garden locations with heavy soil receiving regular moderate to heavy watering may want to increase drainage by adding gravel to the planting soil to promote plant health and longevity

Soil: Well-drained

Flowering: Summer - Fall/Frost with deadheading or shearing

Germination: 7-14 days 65-72F 

Sow Outdoors: Fall - spring in mild areas or in colder areas provide protection for small plants, sow in pots or garden on raked weed-free damp soil, cover lightly with grit, sand or vermiculite, keep damp not too wet until established then grow drier

Sow Indoors: Spring surface sow press onto damp seed starting mix, lightly sprinkle with grit or vermiculite, keep moist not too wet and soggy, 65-72F, harden-off protect small plants from frost



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