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  • Verbena Bonariensis Purpletop Vervain
  • Verbena Bonariensis Purpletop Vervain
  • Verbena Bonariensis Purpletop Vervain

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Verbena Bonariensis Seeds Purpletop Vervain

Pkt 250 Seeds

Product Description

Verbena bonariensis known as Purpletop Vervain or Brazilian Verbena is a beautiful native of South America. The tall 3-4ft wiry stems topped with purple 2-4" clusters of nectar rich flowers provides a lovely architectural element without being thick and overbearing. Those tall stiff clean stems with flower clusters at the tips excellent cut flowers. The purple is especially pleasing and surprisingly refreshing in late Summer and Autumn when everything is yellow, orange and red. It is a very good drought tolerant choice for xeric or natural low water gardens. Regular garden placement for the longest lived and healthiest plants should be in a well drained dry, sunny (will tolerate some shade) spot such as against a southwest facing wall or along hot pavement. Can be successfully grown with some shade &/or regular water &/or in good fertile soil but may need staking or between other supportive bushes. Blooms Spring through Fall in areas where it overwinters providing color bursts over a very long season. Attracts and feeds both larval and adult butterflies along with many bees, hawk moths and hummingbirds. Easy care and low maintenance! Can be slow and erratic to germinate like many seeds with hard seed coats some patience will likely be needed. Scarify and prechilling the seeds with lightly damp sand in a baggie refrigerated for 4 weeks before sowing improves germination or sowing direct in the garden or in pots outdoors Fall through early Spring while the weather is still cold. Self sows.

Pkt: 250 Seeds   **Note this species has very high dormancy and requires pretreatment for germination. This lot has very high dormancy rate 93% viable seed = 93% dormant seed = 0% germination without pretreatment

Botanical Name: Verbena bonariensis

Common Name: Purpletop Vervain, Brazilian Verbena

Type: Short-lived Perennial Z7+ or Grow as Annual FYF: First Year Flowering  *Self sows 

Flower Color:Purple

Height: 36-48”     Spread: 18-24”+ 

Habit: Upright

Light: Full Sun Heat Tolerant    

Water: Dry to Low Xeric Drought Tolerant once established

Soil: Well-drained, gravelly or sandy good, dry lean low nutrient soil ok, mix in sand or gravel in heavier soils

Flowering: Summer - Fall *Sowing to Flowers around 110 days 

Germination Info: 7-60 Days 65-75 F *Can be slow and erratic do not discard pots or trays too soon. Improve germination with scarification and moist prechill. Lightly roll seed on sandpaper (do not press to hard or roughly to avoid seed damage) or place in a jar lined with sandpaper, then prechill with damp sand or seed starting mix refrigerate 4 weeks and then sow in warmth or if seed is not pretreated sow direct in garden or pots outdoors late Fall through early Spring to be exposed to cold and be patient for Spring germination

Sow Outdoors: Direct sow late Fall - Early Spring for cold exposure or any other time of the year provide pretreatment before sowing to improve germination. Press lightly into raked weed-free damp soil or in pots, sprinkle lightly with soil & grit/sand, keep moist not soggy, grow drier after established

Sow Indoors: Plantable pots or individual cell trays as well as planting out when small reduces root disturbance, sow on damp seed starting mix making good seed soil contact and then sprinkle lightly with mix & grit/vermiculite, keep moist not soggy, grow drier after germ, harden-off




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